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Krista Marshall

Sales Representative

Meet Krista Marshall, a seasoned realtor with a unique journey that seamlessly blends her background in dental office administration with her current passion for real estate. Originally hailing from Dunville, Ontario, Krista's career in the real estate industry began to flourish when she obtained her license while residing in New Brunswick. Drawing upon her administrative skills and dedication from her previous role, Krista brings a meticulous attention to detail to her real estate endeavors.

Now proudly serving Fort Erie and the surrounding areas in Ontario, Krista is committed to delivering personalized service and expert guidance throughout the buying or selling process. Her transition back to Ontario signifies a return to her roots, where she leverages her diverse skills to assist clients in finding their perfect homes and investment opportunities.

Krista's love for real estate is driven by her desire to make a meaningful impact on people's lives, helping them achieve their real estate goals with care and dedication. Her clients can trust that every transaction will receive the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Krista finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Whether it's enjoying walks with her son and dog, appreciating the beauty of the outdoors, or indulging in her passion for baseball, Krista brings a well-rounded perspective to both her personal and professional life. As a baseball enthusiast, she not only enjoys watching the sport but actively participates, showcasing her vibrant and active lifestyle.

For a personalized and attentive real estate experience, reach out to Krista today. Let her expertise guide you on a fulfilling journey towards finding the perfect property or investment opportunity tailored to your unique needs and aspirations!

Krista Marshall
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