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Joshua Mackenzie

Sales Representative

Introducing Josh, the visionary leader at The Mackenzie Group, where he guides a dynamic real estate team with unparalleled dedication and a hometown touch. Born and raised in Ridgeway, Josh brings a unique perspective and an authentic commitment to the community he calls home.

With a track record of numerous successful years in the Real Estate industry, Josh's journey is marked by a relentless work ethic and an unwavering commitment to excellence. The hustle never stops for him – a true 24/7 professional who understands the demands of the real estate landscape.

Josh is not just a team leader; he's a force of nature. His honesty and determination form the bedrock of his character, guiding both his personal and professional interactions. Clients can rely on him for transparent, trustworthy guidance throughout their real estate journey.

What sets Josh apart is not just his experience and work ethic, but also his mindset. With a forward-thinking and positive approach, he navigates challenges with resilience, turning obstacles into opportunities. His mindset is contagious, inspiring the entire Mackenzie Group to reach new heights and redefine success in Niagara’s Real estate market.

It's not just a team; it's a community that Josh has built here in Ridgeway. Through his leadership, The Mackenzie Group has become synonymous with integrity, dedication, and results. Josh's passion for real estate and his commitment to the Ridgeway community shine through in every transaction, making him a trusted ally for those embarking on their real estate journey.

Joshua Mackenzie
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